Our name is derived from the Italian word consul. A consul served as a magistrate or governor, which provided stewardship to the people. Thus we established Konsulati to serve as steward of person to protect the elderly and disabled by acting as their private fiduciary and personal representative.

All fiduciaries at Konsulati are licensed, insured, bonded (where applicable), and have cleared their background checks with the California Fiduciary Bureau and FBI database. While there are no standard education requirements for fiduciaries (e.g. accounting, CPA, legal), every one of our employees holds a Master's degree. Our team has career experiences in computer programming, linguistics, business administration, and teaching -- well-rounded skills to manage daily needs and exactly what the courts desire. After all, it doesn't take a rocket-scientist to know how to treat people with dignity or know when to hire an accountant to balance the most demanding financial requirements.

Should you need immediate assistance with a Power of Attorney for Finance or Health Care, a Court-Appointed Conservatorship, Trust Administration, Executor of Estate, Successor Trustee or Conservator, or a personal advocate, please contact us 1-877-456-6785 (877-4KONSUL).

Our corporate office is located in Tustin, California -- please call for an appointment or email us via our contact page.