Since 2009, we have been engaged as property managers for trust assets consisting of rental investment income units and serve as the landlord over each client's property. While normally a property management firm may be considered to handle such operations, most of the client's have had a few properties and not a vast apartment complex, which would be better suited for such a vendor. Our experience has increased in this business aspect, and we now manage nine (9) properties, which consist of seventeen (17) rental units total. Because certified property management firms charge upwards of 10% of both rental and deposit fees, our approach is preferred in court-managed accounts with fees being significantly lower than the industry 10%.


Additionally, we independently host a trust property rental website for prospective tenants and current residents. This website provides an interface for the tenants to submit laundry repair requests and maintenance requests, and in doing so provides the tenants a level of assurance that the work will be completed in a timely manner (tenants receive a copy of the maintenance statuses).

Finally we are well-versed in eviction and small claims proceedings and have a high collection rate to ensure our clients' are made whole in the event a tenant abuses the facilities.