Fiduciaries can range in price from $95 to $250 per hour for non-legal services, depending upon experience, type of account, and with court approval (if court supervised). While rates vary by core services needed (trust administration versus conservatorship), it is important to understand that we adhere to a strict billing model—where time is billed in 1/10th hour increments—a six minute scale.  Our precise fees will be disclosed during your consultation.

We work sequentially and multitask (faxing, scanning, and take phone calls during the same time frame). We stop the clock when a different client matter comes up and restart the clock when we begin work again. We do not charge for a percent of your estate, unless the court so mandates, and there are no monthly minimums. Accounts are charged as services are rendered. It is important to remember that most time is billed during account setup, accounting, emergencies, and tax season. We are paid when budgets allow or the court authorizes. Lastly, we do not believe in entitlement. We provide a service and we are justly compensated for it. We have a great business and billing model and we stand by it.