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Not just a fancy Italian name...

Our name is derived from the Italian word consul. A consul served as a magistrate or governor, which provided stewardship to the people. Thus we established Konsulati to serve as steward of person to protect the elderly and disabled by acting as their private fiduciary and personal representative.

All fiduciaries at Konsulati are licensed, insured, bonded (where applicable), and have cleared their background checks with the California Fiduciary Bureau and FBI database. While there are no standard education requirements for fiduciaries (e.g. accounting, CPA, legal), every one of our employees holds a Master's degree. Our team has career experiences in computer programming, linguistics, business administration, and teaching -- well-rounded skills to manage daily needs and exactly what the courts desire. After all, it doesn't take a rocket-scientist to know how to treat people with dignity or know when to hire an accountant to balance the most demanding financial requirements.

We welcome you to our evolving website and hope that you will stop by as we add information and resource links to help you or your loved one navigate the plethora of advocacy services and support options.

Should you need immediate assistance with a Power of Attorney for Finance or Health Care, a Court-Appointed Conservatorship, Trust Administration, Executor of Estate, Successor Trustee or Conservator, or Notary Public, please contact us 1-877-456-6785 (877-4KONSUL).

Our office is located in Tustin -- please call for an appointment or email us via our contact page.


We take the tough cases no one wants: The fighting families, those special needs trusts with low balances, referrals from the public guardian (aka pubic trustee), and other matters with significant drama.  We excel in those roles others would not consider in their business plan.

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When you want the longevity of a bank with human understanding of your needssm

Estate Trustee

Think you are being respectful by appointing your family to serve as executor, trustee, or power of attorney? Think again. During life's most difficult moments, emotions often prevent obedience to your documented wishes. The worst of sibling rivalry may ensue when money is involved. You took the time to provide for your family so why not protect their love for each other and allow a licensed professional to serve? We will get to know your situation and understand its dynamics. We will not give up on you or "dump" the account.

Trust Property Management

Since 2009, we have been engaged as property managers for trust assets consisting of rental investment income units and serve as the landlord over each client's property. While normally a property management firm may be considered to handle such operations, most of the client's have had a few properties and not a vast apartment complex, which would be better suited for such a vendor. Our experience has increased in this business aspect, and we now manage nine (9) properties, which consist of seventeen (17) rental units total. Because certified property management firms charge upwards of 10% of both rental and deposit fees, our approach is preferred in court-managed accounts with fees being significantly lower than the industry 10%.

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Conservator / Committee

The term conservatorship is synonymous with elderly guardian but used mostly in the western United States. It is a court-appointed process that can be very expensive as the petitioners and proposed conservatee all must be represented by attorneys, with just a few exceptions for in pro per family members without objections. The reason for the expense is that the proposed conservatee's estate is expected to bear the burden of the court costs in the procedures to appoint.

Mobile Notary Public

Our Notary Public can notarize your documents in our office, or anywhere in California.  The cost to notarize is $10.00 per signature per document.  For example, a loan document typically has 15 signatures for one borrower. Each signature is "notarized" and thus the fee is $150.00.  Our mileage fee is by far the most affordable and conscientious - from our Tustin, California office, a rate of $2.00 per round-trip mile and a minimum five miles.

Power of Attorney

Two major types of powers should be considered: Financial and Health Care (Living Will). A financial power of attorney attends to all aspects of money, trusts, wills, investments, legal proceedings, income, taxes, gifts, and property to name a few. A living Will or Advanced Health Care Directive (AHCD) provides all aspects of how a principal expects life to be maintained or discontinued.

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